Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Inaugural Florida's Afterschool Stakeholder Summit a Success

On June 6th, the Florida Afterschool Network partnered with the Children's Services Council of Broward County and Broward College to host the inaugural Florida's Afterschool Stakeholder Summit: The Power of Afterschool.  The summit’s purpose was to promote the powerful impact of afterschool programs and establish the guiding principles to ensure that afterschool programs will be a part of the educational landscape in Florida’s future.

Nearly 90 participants, including stakeholders from throughout Florida, attended the event to discuss important topics related to afterschool programs, including best practices and the future of afterschool programs.  In addition to getting input from the state’s most well respected afterschool champions, there was a great youth perspective. What we learned from Breon Callins is that we need to listen and hear from kids more. We are not just giving lip service to seek their input – be assured as we move forward with other afterschool summits FAN will do just that

It was evident from the summit that there is a strong support for professional development for afterschool programs, as well as support for maintaining and increasing funding streams.  Additionally it was agreed that it is necessary to increase the visibility of afterschool programs at both the local and state levels.

Afterschool programs are imperative to the success of our students. We hope that these types of meetings happen more often to help promote discussion and build support.

The speakers and panelists included some of the biggest advocates for the Florida afterschool programs:

·        Linda Lanier, Chair, Board of Directors, Florida Afterschool Network

·        Cindy Arenberg Seltzer, President & CEO, Children’s Services Council of Broward County

·         Representative Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed r

·        Mike Lannon, Superintendent of Schools, St. Lucie County

·        Dean Aline Sarria, Broward College, Superintendent

·        Ken Scubbs, Genesis Center 21st CCLC Program

·        Todd Rosenbaum, CEO, YMCA of Florida

·        Michael Skolnick, President of Community After School

·        Donna Lavalle, Co-Director of Smith Community Mental Health

·        Cynthia Reynoso, Program Specialist at CSC of Broward County

·        Suzette Harvey, Executive Director, PrimeTime Palm Beach County Inc.

·        Anne McKenzie, CEO of Boys and Girls Club of Martin County

·        Greg Haile, Vice President, Governmental Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Broward College

·        Lesley Fletcher, Deputy Division Chief of Education, NASA

·        Sharon Carie, President, Afterschool Alliance,

·        James Griffin Principal, Lauderdale Lakes Middle School and Florida Principal of the Year

·        Student Breon Callins

·        Glenn Gilzean, Executive Director, Educate Today, and Pinellas County School Board member

·        Modesto Abety-Gutierrez, CEO, The Children’s Trust of Miami/Dade County

·        Art O’Hara Executive Director, R’Club Child Care Inc.

·        FAN CEO Larry Pintacuda and COO Joe Davis

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